Revenue Cycle Management

At Infocus, we are your dedicated full-service partner, offering a comprehensive suite of solutions designed to streamline and optimize every aspect of your practice’s billing process. Our team of seasoned experts is committed to ensuring the smooth and efficient operation of your entire revenue cycle.

Our approach is distinguished by the fusion of medical expertise, cutting-edge technology, and proficient medical coding and billing professionals. We integrate state-of-the-art workflow management and business intelligence directly into your Electronic Health Records (EHR) system. This commitment to excellence ensures a consistently high percentage of successful claims while keeping our service charges remarkably low. Some of the key services we provide include:

  1. Comprehensive Claim Scrutiny: We meticulously examine claims to ensure accuracy and compliance.
  2.  Timely Claims Submission: Swiftly submit claims to insurance providers to expedite reimbursement.
  3. Real-time Claims Tracking: Monitor the progress of your claims in real-time for complete transparency.
  4. Responsive Denials Management: Promptly address and resolve claim denials to maximize revenue.
  5. Timely Follow-up Reminders: Maintain a proactive approach to follow-ups for outstanding claims.
  6. Explanation of Benefits (EOB) Services: Navigate EOBs efficiently to streamline billing.
  7. Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA) Benefits: Automate and simplify payment reconciliation.
  8. Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT): Facilitate secure electronic fund transfers for hassle-free payments.
  9. Patient Statements: Generate and deliver clear, patient-friendly statements.
  10. Payment Follow-up: Pursue outstanding payments diligently on your behalf.

Experience the Infocus advantage in medical billing and revenue management. Partner with us to unlock the full potential of your practice’s financial health.