Efficient Referral Coordination Services (RCS)

At Infocus Solutions, we’re your partner in optimizing your medical practice’s referral operations. Our specialized Referral Coordination Services (RCS) will improve your practice’s efficiency and patient satisfaction. Our referral coordinators will schedule your patient’s specialist visit, generate authorization for the visit, coordinate with your patient for their appointment with the specialist’s office, and finally attach the specialist’s consult notes back to the patient’s chart and alert the primary care provider. We’re your trusted choice for referral optimization with an impressive track record of collaborating with various medical practices.

Our team of experts is here to help you realize substantial annual savings, ranging from $8,000 to $20,000. Costs associated with recruiting and training in-house staff can be expensive. When you partner with Infocus Solutions for outsourcing referral coordination, you now invest your resources in patient care.

Infocus Solution’s referral coordinators are a highly skilled team of professionals with experience in Medicare Advantage and major health plans. When you hand over your patients’ referrals to us, you’re entrusting them to experts who excel at efficient management and coordination with insurance providers.

Choosing Infocus Solutions means gaining a referral coordinator who cares. These coordinators are experienced in advocating for your patient’s needs, ensuring that each requirement is met quickly and professionally.

With RCS, your concerns about staff absences or disruptions are a problem of the past. Your office staff will no longer have to take time away from their duties to complete administrative tasks. Infocus Solutions guarantees a reliable backup referral coordinator, ensuring continuity in service delivery. We always have you and your staff covered.

We understand that every medical practice has different needs. Therefore, we offer flexibility in choosing part-time or full-time referral coordinators to align our services with your specific requirements.

Entrust your referral coordination to us, and watch as patient satisfaction improves. We excel at resolving pending referral issues, providing patients with a smooth, hassle-free experience.

We’re here to optimize your practice’s efficiency and improve patient satisfaction. Contact us today to learn how our Referral Coordination Services can help you!