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Expertise in Medical Billing and Referral Coordination Services Across Specialties

At Infocus Solutions, we understand that each medical specialty has unique billing and coding challenges. That’s why we offer various services customized to meet the diverse needs of healthcare practices. Whether you specialize in anesthesia, cardiology, pediatrics, dermatology, or any other medical field, our team can simplify your billing and coding processes and improve your financial success.

With expertise in endocrinology, neurology, orthopedics, psychiatry, and more, we’ve got you covered. Explore our specialty pages to learn how we can strengthen your practice’s operations, increase revenue, and alleviate billing challenges. Join the many healthcare providers who have entrusted us with their billing needs and experience the Infocus Solutions difference.

Infocus Solutions also provides services for referral coordination and chronic care management. By supporting your practice in these service areas in addition to billing and coding assistance, you can finally shift your focus back to what matters most: patient care.

Why Choose InFocus Solutions as Your Medical Billing Services Provider?

Maximize Practice Profitability

Boost your practice's financial health with InFocus Solutions. Within six months, you will experience rapid cash flow improvements, a 99% collection ratio on unpaid claims, and a 50% reduction in Aged AR days.

Efficiency in Billing and Coding

Our expert team simplifies your billing process, reducing the need for extra administrative staff. Let us handle the business side of your practice while you focus on providing quality healthcare to your patients.

Customized Solutions

At InFocus Solutions, we understand that each practice is different. Our customized solutions cater to your needs, guaranteeing a seamless and hassle-free billing experience. Join us in optimizing your practice’s financial success.

Additional Services for Your Practice

By working with us to streamline your medical practice operations, you get access to the leaders in billing and coding management and an expert team to provide additional services for your practice. Infocus Solutions can also assist with PCMH certification, chronic care management, and referral coordination to ensure your patients get the best care without the administrative headaches.


Revenue Cycle Management

Simplify your billing process with InFocus. Our comprehensive RCM solutions optimize your practice’s billing operations, ensuring efficient claims processing and low service charges.

Revenue Cycle Audit

Boost your revenue cycle’s efficiency with our in-depth analysis and customized solutions. Our reports provide insights for prompt issue resolution.

Roster Management

Improve patient flow and revenue with our monthly patient roster updates. Stay organized and informed.

Insurance Verification Services

Verify patient insurance coverage accurately and efficiently. Our experienced team handles this complex, tedious process.

Referral Coordination Services

Save time and improve patient care with our referral coordination services. Infocus Solutions will handle the logistics so you can focus on your practice.

Centralized Calling Services

Improve patient engagement with our virtual receptionist services. We’ll handle incoming calls, appointment scheduling, and outreach.


Get approved with insurance payers hassle-free. Our experts guide you through the credentialing process so you can start billing quickly.

Patient-Centered Medical Home

Join our community of providers passionate about quality patient care. We assist you in achieving PCMH certification and fostering strong doctor-patient relationships.

Achieve Practice Profitability

Quickly improve cash flow

99 collection ratio on unpaid claims

Aged AR days lowered by 50 in 6 months

Reduce administrative manpower costs for billing

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