Frequently asked Questions

Some of the ramifications of the HITECH Act of the economic stimulus package remain to be seen especially with regard to HIPAA changes. We are committed to working with you on any new changes so that you qualify for the $44,000 incentive to use electronic medical records. We are also offering a free EMR software package so that taking advantage of the government incentive comes at no software investment.   

Our engineering and architecture is not limited to a particular practice type. We handle all specialties: cardiology, urology, gastroenterology, pulmonary, pediatrics, internal medicine, nephrology, surgery, etc. We customize each practice solution based on your needs.

We are fully HIPAA compliant and committed to meeting HIPAA requirements especially with any changes that come with the HITECH Act of 2009. We function as practice management consultants fully equipped to stay abreast of regulations that affect your practice transparency and profitability. We also educate your staff on achieving HIPAA compliance in your practice. 

We have 40 providers with a healthy mixture of both group and solo practitioners. Our practices are across the country although a good percentage in the state of Florida.


References can certainly be provided upon request. 

Our medical billing services are a comprehensive response to busy physician practices. We support all phases of the reimbursement cycle: Billing, Posting charges, Editing claims, Carrier billing, Monthly carrier follow up, Patient billing, Appeals, Capturing patient demographics and insurance information, and Professional consultation and training.

President Obama signed The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA) into law by on February 17, 2009. Included in the ARRA is the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act, or HITECH Act. The government firmly believes in the benefits of using electronic health records (EHR) and has invested $19.2 Billion of federal resources for the creation of a national health care IT infrastructure and accelerate the adoption of EHR by physicians and hospitals. The HITECH Act also widens the scope of privacy and security protections available under HIPAA.

According to the Act, physicians are eligible to receive up to $44,000 in total incentives per physician from Medicare for “meaningful use” of a certified Electronic Health Record (EHR) starting in 2011.

Although the certification process and standards remain unclear, reimbursement will be granted for the “meaningful use” of a certified EHR. We at Infocus have received the most current CCHIT certification for our Symphony 3.0 Electronic Health Record System. We are also committed to aligning our technology solutions to new guidelines that are enacted; keeping you abreast of how they will affect your practice and what we will be doing to assure that you receive the full incentive amount of $44,000.

Various ways, through- email, fax, phone- whichever is easier for you. We are working on instant messenger that will be available shortly and make simplify communication even further.

You will need to scan the Super Bills and or Encounter to us at the end of each day. Plus you need to scan EOB’s – Explanation of Billing.

There is no contract. We are confident that you will be happy with our quality support and getting paid 99% of your claims in a fast and timely manner that we do not require a contract.

We are not just providing you with software. We are an expert TEAM of people and with Symphony, we operate seamlessly with your practice. Symphony then electronically generates a professionally formatted and accurate claim that gets you a high percentage of first pass approvals from the Insurance Companies. A special feature of Symphony is that it has the power of task-oriented follow-up for all unpaid claims. Translating into quick payment to your practice. We don’t just make promises. We deliver on our features and your benefits.

We collect 100% of what our clients are legally and ethically entitled to. Said another way, we will collect 100% of the allowed amounts stipulated in contracts with the insurance carriers. All unpaid claims over 30 days are followed up monthly and, when necessary, the appropriate appeals are filed. We will not stop until our clients are paid what they have rightfully earned. Just ask our clients!

There are varieties of reports available. Data can be summarized or detailed in many different ways and formats. Clients typically choose the reports and frequency that best suits their needs. Most clients choose to receive monthly after close. You have access to all of your reports such as Aging, Daily Collections, Productivity, Deposit Reports By Insurance Company, Deposit Reports by Patients 24 hours a day and recommend that they be reviewed daily.

No. We do everything in-house. We are a complete service solution provider. We are an extension of your Team.

It is stored in a secured third party storing facility and backed up multiple times during the day to this separate storage device. Our data server is protected by firewall hardware, and virus and malicious programs software. Moreover, it is sent off-site nightly to multiple storage locations throughout the US guaranteeing the maximum protection for your systems and data. We use your data to fulfill your billing obligations and we follow the same confidentiality regulations that you do. Strict user password policies are also maintained.

The only cost you may incur is the purchase of a scanner for sending us Super Bills and the expense of converting your old data to Symphony. We also expect our clients to have high-speed internet access at their facility. Our sales and support force will review all phases and expenses of the set-up stage.

Once we have agreed on the terms, three documents must be prepared. The Billing Services Agreement outlines the terms as well as our mutual responsibilities. The Business Associate Agreement is A HIPAA document stipulating HIPAA requirements. In addition a Practice Profile is filled out by the client outlining information such as tax ID, state license, Medicare provider number, etc. We then will transfer all of your data over to SYPHONY 2.0.

Our Symphony 3 Program has been designed ‘by doctors for doctors’ and it is assured to provide an easy to use seamless integration of technology and patient care without sacrificing your busy practice environment. Symphony 3 will be ready to launch and demo in February of 2010.

There is no hardware or software cost. Our fee is based on 5% of your monthly collections for a 2-year period. Our support staff and team of experts will help you get this all set up also at no cost. It is all part of our cost-effective fee structure.

We provide web-based day and night access directly to your dataset at no added cost.

Absolutely, we will conduct on-site education as often as needed to educate your office staff, or we can work online with you from our office.

Yes, our Symphony 2.0 software is also an appointment scheduler for single or multiple providers. You do not have to purchase scheduling software, worry about data backups or purchase and maintain additional hardware for this feature.

Yes, the insurance verification module is an integrated part of Symphony Appointment Scheduler. This is our major strength as your practice can verify insurance with the click of a button in less than 30 seconds per patient at no cost. Most of our competitors charge an average of 45 cents per verification.

All data is 128 bit encrypted and each practice has their own dataset. Everything is password protected and each staff member will have their own login.

We transmit your claims electronically within 24 hours of receipt. Based on insurance types, it may take 1 to 4 weeks to get your insurance payment.

The vast majority of claims except to some very small carriers go out electronically. This is the case for primary and secondary claims. Medicare and Blue Cross claims go directly, while other commercial claims go out directly to private insurance carriers. Therefore, most claims are adjudicated within 7 to 10 days. Medicare Explanation of Benefits (EOBs) are received electronically in 835 format and automatically posted in our system. Secondary carriers or patients billing are automatically triggered at this point.

Our fee is a fraction- 5% of the amount of money that we collect for your office on a monthly basis. This cost includes a full service solution with a specifically assigned team of billing experts who will handle the entire reimbursement cycle with one of your dedicated staff.

You do. All payments come directly to you either by Check or Direct Deposit. All we need are your explanation of benefits scanned to us at the end of each day.

YES. Not doing so is a possible contractual violation between the patient and insurance carrier, and even the provider and the insurance carrier! If co-pays are not collected at the time of service, patients will receive statements accordingly.

Yes, we have a team of people working specifically on your account, calling the insurance company to find out about all unpaid claims, working all explanation of benefits, processing all correspondence and working with your patients to ensure payment for every claim.

We are not a collection agency. We will send out 2 patient statements and a final notice. Any patients that you would like to send to collections are at your discretion. We will work with any collection agency of your choosing.